The Ongoing Overhead Myth and the Dangers of Overly Zealous State Legislators - Nonprofit Quarterly

NEO Senior Counsel Erin Bradrick wrote this article about California AB 2855 and the dangerous trend of compelled nonprofit speech it could signal. 

... AB 2855 was amended in early April to instead require that all subject charitable nonprofits include a “prominent link” on the home page of their websites, and a corresponding web address on all documents soliciting charitable contributions, that directs visitors to the California Attorney General’s website. The amended version of AB 2855, in turn, requires the Attorney General to “develop and publish on the Attorney General’s Internet Web site, which contains information about charities, informational materials containing consumer rights and protections and charity resources to allow donors to become informed about a charity before making a decision to give” by no later than July 1st, 2017.

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